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Tintri and Veeam Software
Dramatically Streamline Backup, Replication and Storage at the VM level for Virtualized and Cloud Environments

VeeamTintri VMstore is designed from the ground up for virtualized environments and the cloud. Global enterprises have deployed hundreds of thousands of VMs on Tintri storage systems, running large scale private cloud deployments, business critical databases, enterprise applications and VDI environments for desktops and mobile devices.

Veeam adds application and storage-independent data protection that include intelligent tools such as Veeam Instant VM Recovery and Veeam Explorer to protect and recover applications and thousands of VMs.

Together, Tintri and Veeam provide customers with simplified data protection management of virtual machines, VM-level visibility, high performance backup and restore operations, reduced consumption of WAN bandwidth for faster recovery point objectives (RPOs) and more economical DR solutions.

Benefits of Tintri Storage

Tintri is the only hypervisor agnostic storage platform with VM-awareness and adaptive learning capabilities to support mixed workloads-servers, VDI, dev & test-concurrently on a single Tintri VMstore.




Tintri and Veeam Software Deployment

Five Things to Know About Tintri and Veeam Software

  1. Tintri manages hypervisor-agnostic storage at the VM level. Veeam Software provides hypervisor-agnostic backup and recovery at the VM level. Whether you use VMware or Hyper-V, it's a match made in heaven.
  2. Tintri and Veeam dramatically simplify storage, backup and restore of you applications, reducing overall storage costs and restore time.
  3. You can use Tintri's array-level SnapVM, CloneVM and ReplicateVM together with Veeam Replication for even more effi ciency.
  4. Protect critical Veeam virtual appliances like the Veeam backup infrastructure and repository servers with Tintri ReplicateVM for an additional layer of protection.
  5. Combine Tintri and Veeam's VM-level protection with Veeam's specifi c integrations with enterprise applications like Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server for even more granular recovery.

Five Things You Won't Miss When Using Tintri and Veeam Together for Backup or Replication

  1. Backing up an entire LUN at the array level, extracting the critical VMs, and reconstituting them in a new LUN
  2. Recovery point objectives of hours or days due to ineffi cient LUN and volume level backups, snapshots and clones
  3. High bandwidth interconnects between recovery sites clogged with replicating unneeded data because of LUN-level replication
  4. Needing to standardize on only one hypervisor platform to get the best storage and data protection solution for a virtualized data center
  5. Needing to manage tens or hundreds of datastores instead of a handful with Tintri.


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