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Tintri VDI

As organizations evaluate or embark on VDI projects they should see storage as an enabler, not a deterrent. But the road to VDI is littered with companies that raised a white flag and abandoned their plans. That's because legacy storage imposes high costs, both capital expense and IT time. Not Tintri. Hundreds of companies use our technology as the backbone of their VDI initiatives-we have never had a failed VDI implementation. When you can see and act at the VM level, you get predictable VDI performance:


Storms and Scans. Small random write workloads, boot storms and scheduled anti-virus scans can cripple VDI that's sitting on top of legacy storage.


All-Flash Performance. Tintri’s secret sauce is our ‘Active Working Set’ (AWS). AWS is part of what makes Tintri smart-it knows exactly what data your users need and when they need it. That allows Tintri to deliver more than 99% of IOPS from flash, with incredibly low latency.


Finger Pointing. When there's a latency issue, host, network and storage all respectively point fingers at one another.


Visibility. Open Tintri. Immediately spot the specific VM experiencing a latency issue. See right there-with zero clicks and zero investigation-a simple visual (with numbers) that shows whether the latency is coming from the host, the network or the storage. Fingers used for high fives, not pointing.


Over-provisioning. There's one sure fire way to time shift VDI performance pain to a later date-buy more storage.


Precision. The Tintri dashboard always shows you exactly where you stand. You can see how much performance you have left and how much total storage capacity remains. We even show you the movers and shakers-the individual VMs that are most impacting your performance and capacity.

If your VDI effort is in progress, on hold or struggling in practice, let Tintri accelerate your plans. Storage should never be the bottleneck or a blocker of VDI; it should be frictionless and simple. See the beauty of VM-level visibility, cross-infrastructure latency and clean analytics-ensure VDI success.

Cost-effective, predictable performance without storage complexity

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) should deliver secure, cost effective remote access to desktops and applications, but is often stymied by storage performance, complexity and cost:

As a result, many enterprises have either scaled back or abandoned VDI deployments.

The Tintri flash-based architecture provides consistent, predictable performance required for successful VDI deployments. With a VM-aware architecture, Tintri provides a simple to manage, cost-effective storage platform that meets the performance demands of hundreds of VMs with:

Tintri VMstore overcomes the limits of traditional storage. IT can easily support hundreds of desktop VMs on a single 3U appliance, with easy scalability to thousands of desktops with linear growth of the infrastructure.