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Tintri smart storage operates at the VM level and transforms storage management in a virtual environment by avoiding limitations of traditional storage that operates at a LUN or volume level. SyncVM allows IT and DevOps teams to tackle copy data management & recovery challenges in a significantly faster and more efficient way, reducing operational overhead and storage consumption associated with traditional approaches.

Application development teams today experience a slow and inefficient process when trying to refresh their VM-based environments with new production data as it requires copying data, identifying target VMs within the snapshots, and reconfiguring existing VMs to use new data sets. Tintri SyncVM accelerates application development with efficient copy data management, at a VM-level, in minutes, regardless of the VM size and with no loss of performance history.

Tintri SyncVM also allows an IT operator to time-travel back and forth between point-intime versions of a VM when the need arises.

Efficient Copy Data Management

  • Update several App-Dev and Test VMs at once
  • Refresh either full VMs or vDisks of applications
  • Automate with REST API and PowerShell

Time Travel For VM Recovery

  • No mistakes on VM-recovery - Time Travel to any point-in-time
  • Accomplish recovery in less than 5 clicks
  • Stop wasting storage & time to recover VMs

Tintri SyncVM uses patent-pending technology to accelerate application development and data recovery. Unhindered by traditional storage constructs like LUNs and Volumes, it transforms virtual machine snapshots into a powerful means to accelerate business processes and enable agility. This capability is available ONLY when your storage can operate at the VM level, and therefore ONLY available from Tintri. There are many uses for SyncVM; here are two that'll get you thinking:

Time Travel for your VMs

Tintri SyncVM allows you to travel through time to instantly restore any point-in-time version of a VM. Move back and forth without ever losing snapshot history or performance statistics. And never worry about affecting the snapshots of other VMs. Whether you are rolling back patches or looking for missing VM data, you can travel through time knowing you'll always end up in the right place.

Time travel to instantly recover any point-in-time version of a VM
Time travel to instantly recover any point-in-time version of a VM

Turbocharge Application Development Cycles

Tintri SyncVM accelerates updates for application development and test teams with efficient copy data management, at a VM-level, in minutes, regardless of the VM size and with no loss of performance history. Developers can quickly deploy code changes or data updates from one master VM to multiple child VMs at a vDisk granularity. Imagine cutting hours or even days out of every Agile scrum cycle, or reducing the time required to set up a new testing round from hours to minutes. SyncVM can also work with ReplicateVM to send your snapshots to other VMstores or datacenters and update VMs around the world. That's the power of SyncVM and of storage at the VM level.

Quickly refresh multiple VMs / Applications at a vDisk level
Quickly refresh multiple VMs / Applications at a vDisk level

You can use SyncVM via the Tintri VMstore UI, or leverage our PowerShell and REST APIs to automate processes and save even more time (which you can use for traveling).

5 Things to Know about Tintri SyncVM

  1. Industry's first per-VM data synchronization product that can refresh one or multiple VMs or vDisks of any size in minutes rather than hours or days
  2. Accelerate application development with a fast data refresh from production copies, at the VM-level, that does not require reconfiguring VMs
  3. Time-travel between point-in-time versions of a VM for instant and efficient restores
  4. Preserve snapshot and performance history of the VM when going back and forth in time
  5. Recover or sync in a few clicks via the user interface or automate via PowerShell and REST APIs

5 Things You Won't Miss About Application Development and Recovery With Legacy Storage

  1. Scheduling weekends or weeks of work to plan, execute and validate updates for hundreds of test or development VMs with new data
  2. Application development teams complaining about the need for faster networks and storage that can deliver fresh production data and the hassle of reconfiguring VMs with each data refresh
  3. Cumbersome recovery process (in some cases with 3rd party applications) that erases all previous snapshots or performance history
  4. Lost time responding to multiple help desk tickets to find the right volume or LUN with the right VM to recover
  5. The hassle and performance of legacy data protection software and additional storage costs to recover or refresh data


Download the Tintri SyncVM Datasheet (PDF).

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