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Tintri Cloud Connector
VMstore integration with public cloud resources

VMstore Software Suite
VMstore™ Cloud Connector
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Experience Different! An ever increasing number of organizations are adopting a multi-cloud strategy to support multiple on-premise and public clouds simultaneously. The VMstore Cloud Connector tightly integrates on-permise VMstore systems with public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services. Cloud Connector extends enterprise data protection and disaster recovery strategies with secure cloud connectivity for long-term data retention. Send local snapshots to cloud and recover them to your VMstore systems in minutes to protect, archive and recover your missioncritical on-premises applications. Cloud Connector uses the VMstore architecture that delivers the right level of abstraction for virtualization and cloud to achieve the fastest recovery times and maximum flexibility.

Cloud Connector takes advantage of per-VM data transfer, deduplication, and compression capabilities, making it the most cost-efficient way to store data in the cloud. In a recent Enterprise Strategy Group report, its preliminary analysis shows that compared with traditional systems, Cloud Connector can:

  • Reduce administrative costs by about 72%
  • Reduce cloud storage and data egress costs by an estimated 80-88
  • Achieve up to 4x lower RPO/RTO


Flexible Data Protection

Tintri's VMstore systems enable organizations to implement a flexible DP/DR strategy to satisfy changing business requirements. You can easily configure application protection policies from Tintri Global Center with any schedule, retention period and protection target (see Figure 1). VMstore's native integration with different cloud vendors replaces or complements traditional backup architectures.

Flexible application protection policies
FIGURE 1: Flexible application protection policies

High Space Efficent Data Recovery

Snapshots are space efficient with real-time inline compression and deduplication; only changed data is sent over the WAN. Data services and policy management is performed at the right level of abstraction - optimized for efficiency, cost, and speed of recovery. Cloud Connector minimizes HTTP requests such as GET and PUT, reducing public cloud access charges. These charges can become significant when you have a large amount of data to recover or during recovery from a service outage. You can quickly recover from the cloud to any VMstore storage (see Figure 2) and perform a file-level restore to recover just the data needed. This means you can work with far more agility and speed when every minute matters to your oganizations

Download snapshots from cloud to any VMstore storage system
FIGURE 2: Download snapshots from cloud to any VMstore storage system

Security and performance

VMstore provides data-at-rest encryption on the cloud backup target and secure transmission to the cloud with SSL encryption. In the meantime, there is no impact on application performance. You can configure all your replication destinations and manage the keys from a single location - Tintri Global Center. With Cloud Connector, it's never been easier to collaborate on a global scale. Storing all of your VMstore data to one S3-compatible cloud target means that your employees will always have access to the information they need to get the job done.

Configure cloud destinations in Tintri Global Center
FIGURE 3: Configure cloud destinations in Tintri Global Center

Cloud Connector unites your on-premises infrastructure with AWS public cloud resources and IBM Cloud Object Storage, so you can create hybrid cloud services. VMstore makes this simple and efficient by operating at the right level of abstraction for virtualization and cloud-use AWS for the data protection, archive and disaster recovery of your mission critical on-premises applications and restore applications in a single click to your on-premises VMstore environment.


Download the VMstore™ Cloud Connector Tech Brief (PDF).

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VMstore Software Suite
VMstore™ Cloud Connector
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